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Detail of the carousel

Detail of the carousel

Latest exhibition!

Heres some pictures of the large scale spaces I had in the degree show in Manchester Met Uni :)

view 2 5

view 6 view 5

view 4

Look at the colours :)

Look at the colours :)

Walters hat, bit of breaking bad

Walters hat, bit of breaking bad

I drew a train.

Look at the train I drew.


Mountain bikes

A small sample how to make mundane bikes interesting, in this image: mountain bikes


When can you have to many arrows? NEVER.

Arrows that i’m using in my next design. Yeehaa


Mundane bike drawings for the Level collective

Some images that im featuring on the t-shirt design for the Level Collective: http://thelevelcollective.co.uk/

More to final designs to come with colour! Watch this space….

bike 3

bike 2

Pictures of the BBC Demolition newspaper

Just some pictures of the actual newspaper all printed and well photographed

Issue 1 1

Issue 1 2

Issue 1 3

Piccadilly Gardens - Light studies 6:00 AM - 23:00 PM

I developed a process of illustrating light through gray different tones by illustrating light over time in an illustration of Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester. It shows the effect of the light from the sun from 6.00AM – 23:00 PM on the gardens looking at shadows to amounts of people.

pic 1 together

pic 2 together

michael morrell

Manchester Vans

Heres some of my portfolio work! Building on my examples of on-site drawing - A1 sized drawings 

hot dog


Asked by hollyhorn

Hey holly, I’m not purely a zine maker if i’m honest! It was a just a context I had a go at :)

the closest zine maker by me is http://salfordzinelibrary.blogspot.co.uk

im sure if you ask them they would be help you!

michael xx 

New work

heres a preview of my new work looking at movment in theatre with scenes to come soon!

new blog

space 2

Got my work in the cafe royal books exhibition! :D 

Got my work in the cafe royal books exhibition! :D 

My degree……

This is what I would rather be doing right now than finishing of my degree. I start a reportage project at the thearte tonight which is exicing! more work to come.